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Do you have a backyard pool that is in need of a renovation rescue? If so, this project is a great example of what can be achieved.

The owners of this property had an existing pool which was tired and in need of upgrading and repair.

The Kiama Pools team designed the new landscaped space which included an extensive outdoor room, and also went about rejuvenating the pool with new filtration equipment and heating, as well as improving the general day-to-day running of the pool.

The outdoor room frames the space and gives the backyard pool a great backdrop. A-grade Australian Bluestone was used throughout to provide a timeless and classic feel.

The timber deck area provides a bridge between the pool and outdoor room and leaves the space with an organic, soft feel.

Features –

  • Fully tiled
  • Gas and solar Heating
  • LED lighting
  • In floor cleaning
  • Automatic chemical doser
  • Garden lighting

Thinking of building a backyard pool for your home?