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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a pool?

Each pool is unique, however there are several factors that determine the duration of each project. These include the size of pool, landscaping requirements, weather conditions, and interior finish. Most of our projects are a minimum of three months.

Can you build me a pool in Autumn and Winter?

Absolutely, and in some cases, we actually recommend it. Depending on the size and scope of your project, building a pool in the cooler months means that it is ready to go for spring / summer. Warm days on the horizon? You will be the envy of your friends!

On a more practical note, autumn and winter is the time of year that you are less likely to be using your outdoor space, which makes it a great time for us to be building your new outdoor space and get it completed in time for summer

What’s my warranty?

Every project comes with a six-year warranty on the swimming pool structural work. Pool equipment comes with manufacturer’s warranty and we go over each element at handover.

Who organises permits?

We will organise the soil tests, engineering and all building permits. We know the routine backwards! The paperwork, where it goes, who signs what. By taking care of it internally we can expedite the process and get you into your new pool that little bit quicker!

Can you do the landscaping?

Yes! From the initial consult and the design of your project, through to obtaining the permits that are required and finally, construction.

This eliminates multiple contractors and the potential for scheduling conflicts and other timing hassles. We do our best to make your pool building experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

What is the process?

  1. Initial meeting to discuss the project. Here we talk about size, shape, options, and cost.
  2. Q& A
  3. Sign contact and pay a deposit
  4. Perform a soil test and submit for engineering
  5. Apply for a building permit. (A planning permit may be required depending on location)
  6. Excavation and steel installed
  7. Building inspection prior to concrete spray
  8. Concrete sprayed and then allowed to cure for at least 28-days
  9. Install interior finish
  10. Install pool filtration equipment
  11. Final building inspection prior to filling with water
  12. Add water and enjoy your brand new pool!

What’s the advantage of using concrete to build a pool?

The biggest advantage is we can build your pool to any size or shape to suit your site dimensions.

But concrete also gives us –

  • The ability to customise with features such as waterfalls/water features,
  • Custom step heights and pool depths, and wet-edges swim outs
  • The ability to finish with a wide variety of products such as quartz render, glass beads, pebbles, and ceramic tiles.
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